NEW SIZE - 50ml

Ultra Collagen Hydra-Serum


All active ingredients contained in ikonique® formulations are used at manufacturers' recommended levels to optimise performance.


Actives list with benefits:

NEW: Epitensive™: 

The cosmetic impact of Epitensive™ has been extensively trialled and the results are impressive. The trials showed that Epitensive™ can reduce the visible physiological age of the skin by up to 10 years:  

  • 41% increase in hyaluronic acid synthesis

  • 123% increase in young collagen synthesis

  • 26% increase in mature collagen synthesis

  • 45% increase in elastin synthesis

  • 92% increase in skin elasticity

Dolcevia® is a natural, organic extract that reduces visible wrinkles by 17.3% after 7 days and 33.1% after 14 days. It also improves instant and long term hydration.Your skin will look and feel smoother and hydrated.

Trylagen® is a peptide blend derived from vegetable based amino acids. It focusses strongly on the quality of collagen present in the skin, visibly boosting, controlling and protecting this important component to maximise firmness, structural integrity and resilience. The face displays an uplifted appearance. 

Aldenine® is a vegetable amino acid derived peptide with multiple benefits to the skin. It is the first active able to scavenge Reactive Carbonyl Species (RCS) free radicals known to impair collagen production. In addition it improves the appearance of collagen by 300% in lab based testing over 7 days. It also improves the skins feel and appearance after sun exposure. 

Hyanify™ is an extract of marine biotechnology that efficiently reduces the appearance of deep naso-labial folds and crevices. These areas of the face are very hard to visually improve and require special attention. Hyanify has been proven to improve the visible volume of these wrinkles and crevices by up to 93.5% in 28 days! 

Lipomoist 2036  is a water based molecular film that strongly boosts hydration levels in the skin by 200% in 1 hour, 100% in 4 hours (in the short term) and sustains 25% over 24 hours, and that's just from one application! With continued daily use, results of 28% increase in sustained hydration levels are achieved. It also enhances the appearance of skin elasticity by its effect on Elastin and firmness by its effect on Collagen. Proudly used in this formulation at one of the highest manufacturer approved levels available anywhere in the world - 25%.

Diffuporine® is a hexapeptide specifically designed to improve the distribution and circulation of hydration levels throughout the skin- 39.3% in 2 hours, 110% in 8 hours (only one application!) and 133% in 56 days used regularly. It improves the overall levels of hydration resulting in firmer feeling, more plumped looking skin. 

Hyadisine® is an extract of marine biotechnology designed to improve the appearance of wrinkles instantly and long term, by 11% in 2 hours, 8.4% in 8 hours (only one application!) and 9.3% in 20 days used regularly whilst also improving short, medium and long term hydration. 





ikonique® Ultra Collagen Hydra-Serum is compatible with

ikonique Anti Wrinkle Hydra-Creme,

ikonique Age Defense Hydra Creme and

ikonique Vitamin C Refining Hydra Creme.

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