Age Defense Hydra-Creme


All active ingredients contained in ikonique® formulations are used at manufacturers' recommended levels to optimise performance.


Actives list with benefits:

NEW: Epitensive™: 

The cosmetic impact of Epitensive™ has been extensively trialled and the results are impressive. The trials showed that Epitensive™ can reduce the visible physiological age of the skin by up to 10 years:  

  • 41% increase in hyaluronic acid synthesis

  • 123% increase in young collagen synthesis

  • 26% increase in mature collagen synthesis

  • 45% increase in elastin synthesis

  • 92% increase in skin elasticity

Dolcevia® is a natural, organic extract that reduces visible wrinkles by 17.3% after 7 days and 33.1% after 14 days. It also improves instant and long term hydration. Your skin will look and feel smoother and hydrated. 

Adifyline® is a vegetable derived peptide designed to visibly plump the skin by improving the volumised appearance of the face and decolletage. A 12% improvement in the visual appearance of the cheek area in 14 days is reported by the manufacturer and the decolletage and surrounding area is also visually improved at 28 days and 56 days when used daily. 

Serilesine® is a vegetable derived peptide with special benefits for the look and feel of skin firmness. This is very important for mature or prematurely aged skin because firmness, along with elasticity, wrinkles and resilience are the first 4 key attributes of youthful looking skin to degrade over time. Firmness is related to tonicity, compactness and smoothness and all of these attributes are visibly improved by Serilesine with tests showing 36%, 40% and 45% (respectively) visible improvements in these parameters at around 60 days. 

Relistase® is another peptide derived from vegetable amino acids. Its job is to visibly improve skin resilience and elasticity, both critical to younger looking and feeling skin. Used every day at the recommended level, Relistase gave an 11.7% improvement in visible elasticity at 4 weeks and 14% at 8 weeks, both significant when considering the average age of women tested was 49 years!

Bodyfensine® is a vegetable derived peptide that works to rebalance the surface layer of the skin where environmental stress can result in red, irritated unhappy skin. By helping the skin to self-regulate the balance of sebum and hydration it is better able to fight off external aggressors. 

Probacillus Revive brings the benefits of probiotics to skincare. The benefits of these has been exploited for many years in edible products such as yoghurt where they provide internal balance. The latest research is now showing similar benefits when applied topically with calmer looking and feeling skin being a key benefit as the micro flora and fauna that reside on the surface of the skin are kept in healthy balance. Mature skin visibly improves when Probacillus Revive is applied at the recommended level of 5% as in Age Defense Hydra-Creme.

Lipomoist 2036  is a water based molecular film that strongly boosts hydration levels in the skin by 200% in 1 hour, 100% in 4 hours (in the short term) and sustains 25% over 24 hours, and that's just from one application! With continued daily use, results of 28% increase in sustained hydration levels are achieved. It also enhances the appearance of skin elasticity by its effect on Elastin and firmness by its effect on Collagen. 







ikonique® Age Defense Hydra Creme is compatible with

ikonique Anti Wrinkle Hydra-Creme,

ikonique Ultra Collagen Hydra-Serum and

ikonique Vitamin C Refining Hydra Creme

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